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[IP] Re: how to conceal my pump for a Ball

I have done all of the things that have been suggested so far. I have a small 
chest and never thought hiding the pump in my bra would work, but as another 
poster suggested, clipping it to the center works great. She said finding a 
bra that works well can be challenging. I have the Body by Victoria bras from 
Victoria's Secret and they work great. They have one that can be converted 
several different ways, including strapless, which would be appropriate for 
your thin-strapped dress.
Also, the thigh-thing and leg-thing work really well. The leg-thing would 
probably be perfect for what you need because it's low on the leg and it's 
easier to bolus inconspicuously. I would try to get some longer tubing from 
your pump company or wherever you get your supplies, get a leg-thing, get a 
good strapless bra and try all of these. That's what I did in the beginning 
because I was on the quest to find what made me really comfortable in such 
Good luck and have a great time at the ball.
dxed T1 9/92, pumping since 1/02

In a message dated 10/25/02 6:43:43 PM, email @ redacted writes:

<< I am after some tips or advice about how to conceal my pump on the 13 Nov 
I am going to a Marine Corps Ball and am wearing this red dress that is a
little tight so it's very easy to my pump. One thought I had was to use one of
those leg, thigh pouches and wear it on my leg since the bottom of the dress
is not tight but I use the quick set (I use the Minimed 508) and my set is a
short one, not the longest so I don't think it would work, I may be able to
find someone who uses a longer one but I was wondering if anyone had some
other tips that might work. The dress is long and has very thin straps that
cross over at the back.  >>
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