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Re: [IP] Infusion site failures increasing frequency

On 10/26/02 8:09 AM, "Artorius Rex" <email @ redacted> wrote:

> If things don't turn around with this pattern soon, I may just have to resort
> to mixing humalog with R or V.  Thanks for the suggestion.
> I wish novolog worked as well as humalog in keeping my glucose somewhat
> normal.
> I've even tried mixing it with humalog, but it wasn't working either.
> What ration of h/r or h/v do you guys use when mixing them?
> -Brentm
> --- email @ redacted wrote:
>> You can also try mixing some REGULAR in with the Humalog.  That is what I had
>> to do with Josh until we made the switch to Novalog

The majority of people mixing (52%) used a 5/1 ratio, 5 parts Humalog to 1
part Regular/Velosulin;


however others found a stronger Regular/Velosulin proportion to be more
effective.    It was a "trial and adjust" situation to find the best mix for
all of us.

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