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Re: [IP] EAT!! - peanut M&Ms

> When I finally got the change in and my peanut m&ms fell down, they got
caught in the trap door. So there I was, on my hands and
knees, scarfing m&ms from the bottom of the vending machine! Joanne >

It is not a good idea to treat a low with peanuts or chocolate. There aren't
enough carbs in peanuts to raise the BG quickly, and the chocolate has fat
which slows down the glucose you are trying to get in pretty fast. Go for
straight, simple carbs. That's why those glucotabs are pushed.

Personally, I double baggy the gum-droppy type orange slices. 13g carb each
and they don't break my teeth like the hard candy did and cost us close to
$2,000.00!! (~_^)

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