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Re: [IP] Tooth Extraction questions - hospitalization


I was hospitalized as a teenager (20+ years ago) to have all four impacted
wisdom teeth out--not so much fun.

A year ago (pre-pumping), I had a 2nd bicuspid extracted at the dentist's
office--it took less than 20 minutes.  Afterwards, I rinsed at least 6 times
a day with *very* warm salt water (1/2 t. per 8 oz.), and pre- and post-
medicated with clindamycin.  For pain, I just used 4 OTC Motrin/Advil every
4-6 hours (the equivalent of Rx strength) with no problems.

I did have trouble healing from the extraction because a tiny piece of bone
broke off in my gum and had to be surgically removed 6 weeks later.  This
sounds much worse than it actually was.  Because of this, my dentist wanted
me to wait 6 months to do the bridge--and I had a lot of other dental work
to be done in the meantime.  I still haven't had the bridge, yet--been
procrastinating for a few months.....<:~)

It actually was much less traumatic than I expected.

Best wishes!

Lisa Mattox
IDDM 26 years, pumping with Animas 4 months

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> Greetings fellow list members,
> I have been told that I need a tooth (tooth # 19) extracted and have to
get a
> bridge.  Anyone have any experiences with having this sort of procedure
> My biggest worry is that I will have to be hospitalized for this, as I was
> hospitalized when I had my wisdom teeth extracted (pre pump) some 15 or so
> years ago.  I am hoping this can be done without the hospitalization.
> Also,  if someone knows what the typical wait is once the tooth is taken
> before the bridge can be put in place?
> Thanks and have a super day.
> Andy
> J.
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