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Re: [IP] Infusion site failures increasing frequency

On 10/25/02 3:50 PM, "Artorius Rex" <email @ redacted> wrote:

> Ok, I'm getting tired of this very quickly.   My infusion sites have been
> failing much quicker than normal for the last couple of weeks.   I started to
> see rising blood sugars on my current one as soon as I day after insertion.
> First day was great, no more than 20 point variance from high to low all day.
> This morning I wake up (second day) and my blood sugar was 194.  After taking
> 12u of humalog and eating a banana for breakfast, it was still 184 six hours
> later.  I took 16u of insulin for lunch and an hour later it was 223.   Just
> checked again 45 minutes later and it was 263.
> This is becoming annoying.   Anyone experience similar issues and had good
> luck getting around them so that you could get 3 day sites again?

Brent, I went through the same things.  I started mixing Velosulin with the
Humalog to keep my sites going for 2-1/2 days.   Then I switched to Novolog
and all those problems disappeared.       :>)

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