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Re: [IP] EAT!!

> Becky,
> For all the years that I've been diabetic, I've never used glucose
> tabs until I was at my doc's office and registered 55 (You can't
> leae his office until you're at least 68).  When I was in his office
> after "recovering" I told them those things were nasty.  He asked if
> I knew why.  "So I'll be good forever and ever and never have to
> take another one?"

Many of the brands taste a bit like blackboard chalk. BUT.... the 
ones made by DEX-4 are fairly tasty an come in Grape, Lemon, 
Rasberry, Orange. They are private labeled for Walgreens, Longs, our 
grocery store .... Albertsons and I'm sure many more. There is 
usually and ad for them in Diabetes Interview. The come in a tubular 
10 count bottle about the diameter of a quarter ~3 inches high and in 
jars of 50.

They are resonably tasty --- Lily's soccer team mates were always 
trying to bum them off her.

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