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Re: [IP] How to conceal my pump for a Ball

Our daughter wears spandex shorts and attached the pump to the inside of 
the leg. She just slipped it up inside and went to homecoming that way 
last week. If your dress isn't too tight, that would probably work.


Jacqui Hall wrote:

>I am after some tips or advice about how to conceal my pump on the 13 Nov when
>I am going to a Marine Corps Ball and am wearing this red dress that is a
>little tight so it's very easy to my pump. One thought I had was to use one of
>those leg, thigh pouches and wear it on my leg since the bottom of the dress
>is not tight but I use the quick set (I use the Minimed 508) and my set is a
>short one, not the longest so I don't think it would work, I may be able to
>find someone who uses a longer one but I was wondering if anyone had some
>other tips that might work. The dress is long and has very thin straps that
>cross over at the back. Any help would be very much appreciated since I don't
>really have a clue what I am going to do. Thank you.
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