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[IP] Hip Sites, Anniversaries, and Middle Age :-)

Hello pumpers,

I come quietly out of lurkdom to say a few things.

This is my 5 year anniversary with diabetes and coming up on one year
anniversary with the pump.  I am Type II, and treated my diabetes successfully
with oral meds, diet and exercise for a few years.  But my pancreas gave up
the ghost about a year ago, sending my A1C to a 10!!!!!!!!  With the pump,
(Animas) my A1C came slowly down, with the last being 7.0!  Best I ever had.
(Yes, Michael, I filled out an information form on the site.)  Really pushing
for 6.5 in January.  Wish me luck.  I eat a low carb diet, with all of my
carbs coming from vegetables as much as possible and some tart fruit, like
small green apples and berries.  I have stopped eating pasta, bread, potatoes,
and other high glycemic foods.  I realize I can bolus for these foods, but I
have a problem calculating for them.  I have to take my insulin resistance
into account, and my insulin resistance varies, so it seems easier to just
eliminate them.  I exercise on a spinning bike, and I walk and I lift free
weights.  I guess my better A1C confirms this strategy.  But again, if any
other insulin resistant folks could chime in, I'd be grateful.

I have decided to give my poor tummy a rest and have used a hip site for the
first time.  It was easy, and almost painless insertion.  I seem to be doing
fine with absorbtion.  I'm sure that this is a YMMV thing, but if anybody has
an experiences with sites in the hip area, I am open to your wisdom.

As I push inexorably towards 50, (I will be 47 on Sunday) it seems to me that
I am reevaluating many things, which I guess is part of what middle age is all
about.   My reevaluation appears to be centered on how stress affects my
sugars (high) and how I would like to enjoy my life, however long it may be.
I guess this is nothing new to many of you, but both of my parents died before
age 70, and that is sobering indeed.  Despite the fact that I have a learning
disabled teen in her sophmore year in highschool, and other stress factors in
my life, I guess things could be a lot worse.  I would like to enjoy my life
whatever may be left of it.  My family needs me, and so I have worked very
hard to control this disease and to be responsible.  But I think I need a
three week vacation in the Caribean!  Who doesn't!  ;-).  Whenever I take a
"stress management" course, what occurs to me is how stressful it is to
realize that I have to control my stress.  :-)

Anyway, that's the state of this humble pumper.

Thanks for listening.  Dona Nobis Pacem.

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