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Re: [IP] How to conceal my pump for a Ball

I clip mine to my bra in the front..from the bottom going up...with the clip 
facing front...
The only problem I have is finding a bra that is very sturdy in the 
front...meaning that it doesn't have just a little strap or something 
conecting the two cups...does that make sense?


>From: "Jacqui Hall" <email @ redacted>
>Date: 2002/10/25 Fri PM 03:15:41 EDT
>To: <email @ redacted>
>Subject: [IP] How to conceal my pump for a Ball
>I am after some tips or advice about how to conceal my pump on the 13 Nov 
>I am going to a Marine Corps Ball and am wearing this red dress that is a
>little tight so it's very easy to my pump. One thought I had was to use one 
>those leg, thigh pouches and wear it on my leg since the bottom of the 
>is not tight but I use the quick set (I use the Minimed 508) and my set is 
>short one, not the longest so I don't think it would work, I may be able to
>find someone who uses a longer one but I was wondering if anyone had some
>other tips that might work. The dress is long and has very thin straps that
>cross over at the back. Any help would be very much appreciated since I 
>really have a clue what I am going to do. Thank you.
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