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[IP] Help with European Discrimination

Hello group!

I just returned from Vienna, Austria and I need some advice and help.  I have been on the pump for a while now and have had insulin dependent diabetes for 12 years.

I was selected about 3 weeks ago for a position in Central Asia for 6 months.  As part of the application process, I was required to have a complete physical and be cleared by the doctor for work in remote areas, including Cetral Aisa.  (I have worked in remote areas with my diabetes for the past 10 years.  Usually I take all my medical supplies with me.)

After getting the physical, being medically cleared for work in Central Asia, and finishing the organization's orientation program in Austria - the Director of HR discovered I had diabetes.

Three days before I was to leave Vienna for Central Asia I was given a letter that stated I was terminated effective immediately because I "misrepresented" myself in their written application.  The Director of HR claimed that my positive reply to the question "Are you in excellent physcial health with no chronic medical health problems that limit your physcial activity" was a "misrepresentation of facts." 

In the USA (Americans with Diabilities Act) and UK (Disability Discrimination Act) there are laws providing protection against discrimination based on a person's medical disability. 

I am appealing the finding through the organization, but I am not so confident that it will do any good.  It appears the organizaiton is afraid of being liable if anything happens to me in a remote area.  However, I feel that I am the most qualified person for the position and that I did not misrepresent myself. 

As part of my appeal, I have a letter from my doctor that states, "Diabetes has not limited Mr. Johson's physical abilities or activities in the past and he is under no speical restrictions of any sort that would impair his abilities."

I am writing to get input on the following:

(1) Does anyone have any advice on my next steps?

(2) Can anyone refer me to any organization (law firm, NGO, public advocate, etc.) in Europe that may help me with my discrimination claim?

(3) Does anyone know if the ADA, JDF, or other international diabetes organization would help me with my situation?

Any input or advice would be greatly appeciated.  

I understand that some people may disagree with my appeal.  These individuals may feel that being in a remote location with limited medical care is not appropriate for a diabetic.  I am not looking to get into a debate here on the subject.

Feel free to post me privately (email @ redacted) or publically to the list.
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