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[IP] Ideal basal rates

Actually I only have about three to four (depending on the week)
different basal rates. At first I didn't think it would work, but after
struggling with my blood sugars with my rates changing often, it's
finally gotten much better, and my basal rates only change by .1 when
they do change.  My blood sugars are good, but I do still have problems. 
I blame them most on me, because I have a horrible time keeping records
and sometimes it's hard to count carbs in certain meals such as
casseroles, pasta dishes, chili, etc. (any suggestions?)  Of course, some
people need up to 24 different basal rates but 3 works for me most of the

:) Angela


Original Message:
<PRE>Just returned from my endocrinologist and she is adjusting my basal
be more 'normal like your pancreas' - a maximum of three different rates
day.  I always thought the pancreas, within limits, gave what it needed
to in
order to keep the body healthy - not a magic number of rates.  I almost
her why the companies spend all that money giving you the option of 24
if you only need two - anybody else heard of this treatment paradigm? -


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