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[IP] Re: Low supplies for driving and always

In a message dated 10/24/02 email @ redacted writes:

<<  I have lots just in case, I babysit during the day and when I'm out with 
the kids I hate to have to eat in front of them and say sorry it's mine!!( I 
would if I had to)  but this way I can get my sugar and give them a little 
snack >>

LOL  When my kids (and their friends) were small, I always carried rolls of 
life savers for lows.  I was occasionally asked for one, and I would say I 
needed to keep them for emergencies.  By doing this, I made them seem sort of 
magical, I think.  So when those emergencies of driving children came up 
(everything from car sickness to headaches to really needing to go to the 
bathroom), sucking that magic life saver always seemed to help them.

Linda Z 
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