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Re: [IP] Ideal Basal rates

> Just returned from my endocrinologist and she is adjusting my basal rates
be more 'normal like your pancreas' - a maximum of three different rates per
day. >

How does she know a *normal( pancreas has three rates in a day?????

> I always thought the pancreas, within limits, gave what it needed to in
order to keep the body healthy - not a magic number of rates. >

That, too.

> I almost asked
her why the companies spend all that money giving you the option of 24 rates
if you only need two - anybody else heard of this treatment paradigm? - Bob
Nnn >

Sounds  to me like this person needs to be in control. Remember, you are the
captain of you healthcare team. She can be replaced. If something works for
you, it works for you! How is your A1c? Can she argue with that? What caused
it to be good (if it is)? (~_^)

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