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Re: [IP] Ideal Basal rates


  Your CDE is an idiot!  You can have 24 different rates if you thought you 
needed them.  Shoot, my son Joshua, almost 11 (not sure he will make that 
after this morning's attitude!!!  GRRRRRRRR) currently has I think 6 
different rates.  Things have gotten weird since puberty and his school 
schedule is so different this year (5th grade) that I had to totally change 
things for that.  Anyway, if you don't have it already get the book, PUMPING 
INSULIN by John Walsh, 3rd edition-through this list's book page link the 
list will also receive a donation!!!!  Read this book and it will tell you 
all about how to fine tune your OWN basal rates.  Forget about what that 
'trainer' or CDE told you  Let her adjust her own basals.  You don't really 
need her or anyone else to tell you that your body will fit neatly into this 
expected mold!!!  That is what they are doing you know!  And unless she or 
someone else has come up with some kind of magic, diabetes does not and WILL 
not ever fit into a neat and tidy one size fits all mold!!!!  That is why we 
all use YMMV-your mileage may vary!!!  There is a reason for that!!!!!

Good Luck......get the book!  I bought it for our endo and now it is required 
reading for anyone wanting to put their child on a pump!!!!

mom to Joshua
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