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Re: [IP] Ideal Basal rates

Pumpers and Friends,

     I'm sorry to tell the medical people but for some people 1 - 2 - 3 or
more basal rate are needed and used. I have been pump for over 20+ years and
have records to show for me 7 basals is the best. When I was working in the
warehouse I used 8 basals. I was in the hospital 15yrs ago and my doctor was
out of town, I was so sick I let some FOOL Doctors change my pump basals down
to 3 rates.... I just got sicker... when my doctor got back in town he look at
my blood sugars... what the He**  is going on with your numbers ... very bad
.... so I told him what had happen... He got very RED and turn around and walk
out of my room... You could hear him YELLing at the three FOOLS doc's ... he
came back told me "Rodney, we have train you to know what is best for you, you
are your own best doctor. If someone tells you to do something and you feel it
is wrong for you tell them/me NO!!! So change your pump back to what works for
you" From that point on I have taken care of how I do things for myself. I ask
what my doctor think then I talk it over with them and tell them this is what
"I" think we need to do. 99% of the time it is what they want me to do, but
"I" still tell them NO when I think it is best to do something else. It is a
case of YMMV , what works for you is best; not some set number from a book.
  I still want to find the normal diabetic what is in all the books..... so I
can kick his A**. For there is no one that is the same everyone else. 


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