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[IP] What a great grandma

I'm not a grandma and my grandma is not a part of this story but it
reminds me of my little sister when I was diagnosed.  When I was
diagnosed with Type 1 at the age of 19, my sister was only 5.  At first
she was afraid of me because I was sick and in the hospital and had to
take needles.  I made her watch me take a needle to show her it didn't
hurt me. Well, I think I got her hooked because for the next 2 years I
could never take a shot without her watching! She actually got  really
mad at me if she missed seeing me give myself a needle. Then the dog
decided I was fascinating too so I acquired my own little fan club with
my sister and my dog sitting on my bed watching me do my needle. Now,
when I go home, she helps me with my infusion set. It was very weird but
at the same time oddly supportive. I will always have my dog and my
sister to be enthralled with my every move which goes a long way in a
world where diabetics have to hide in bathrooms.Sara M.

Date: Thu, 24 Oct 2002 10:40:31 -0400
From: "John Tyndall" <email @ redacted>
Subject: Re: What a great grandma! (Was Re: [IP] the look)

I guess my story is a little diffeent.  When taking my shots, I usually
tired to go the ladies' or in another room if at someone's home.  If we
in a restaurant with my grandson, he would come with me, as a distraction
and a reason to go for a walk  We'd go somewhere private so grandma could
take her medicine. My daughter is well aware of the fact that some people
feel diabetes is hereditary  and either of them is susceptible.  She
him to know why I&! nbsp; took shots and not to be afraid of them.  It
becomes a
part of your life.  He's now 7and asks if I've taken mymedicine.

We're going to see him this weekend, the first time with me on the pump.
His reaction will be interesting.


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