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Re: [IP] What is a Low?

Though it may have been taken as an attack in my post to the list, it was 
not meant as one.

At 10:58 AM 10/24/2002 -0500, you wrote:

>I think there should be a definition of low based on functing for that 
>event, say diving a car. I can get very small number of BS( ~20) on a pump 
>whereas with needles the same function is higher( ~55). This general 
>relationship depends on other factors. If I had an accident with my car 
>there would be so much stress that I think my BS would go high but 
>functioning  would be like a "low BS" because of shock.
>What is your working or legal definition of "low BS"

Really don't think we would want a defined "legal definition" of a low 
BS.   I think a lot more people have gotten into accidents because of lows 
than are willing to admit it.  Or at least low enough to acknowledge that 
"I really shouldn't have been driving" at that time. - (Yes I have 
personally done that.)

And since many of us want to believe how good our control is - being told 
with a ticket or jail time that we weren't "legally" in control might be 
difficult to handle.  (Especially if it was more than just property damage!)

I know, I know - It will never happen!     Anyone willing to give me odds 
that it will NEVER happen to them?  I have a few pennies and (hopefully) 
plenty of time if you are willing to bet.

Hope it never happens to me BUT sure wouldn't make a bet about it not 
happening......   :-(
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