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Re: [IP] Paradigm-changing sites

    When my infusion set fell out the other day I reconnected a new one to
my just filled reservoir that I put in with the set that fell out. I didn't
have a high from air space that could creep in, but that is a possibility.
    Where the set connects to the reservoir there is a needle that
penetrates the rubber stopper on the reservoir. There is the slight
possibility of introducing more germs or getting a little air, but it wasn't
a worry for me because I have reused syringes and never got an infection.
    If someone gets a high BG from the tiniest air bubble or gets an
infection if they waiver from aseptic technique then I would recommend
always change them together. If one doesn't have such problems then just pop
in a new reservoir.
    Another thing, I don't know how all insurance coverage works but I got
40 reservoirs and 50 insertion sets with my order. I suppose they figure on
more failed insertion sets than reservoirs.

Cody S. Alderson

----- Original Message -----
> My question is why can't one refill the reservoir or a >new reservoir and
reconnect to the old site? I am >looking at getting a Paradigm in the next
few months but >use about 70 units a day so hope I can do what I've >been
doing with the 508, changing sites and reservoirs >independently.
> TIA Susan
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