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[IP] Re: a diabetic driving with soda explosions

Hello, all -

Of course I have ALWAYS had some form of sugar with me in my car for
possible lows. (I really can't imagine any diabetic driving without it.)
Before pumping, when I became aware that glucose tablets were not as
atrocious as the first ones I'd tried and discarded years ago, I kept
(real) soda cans and juice boxes in my vehicle.

I remember one morning going out to my car to drive to work and finding a
white, frothy substance all over the ceiling, on the seats, and on the
door.  Egad, I thought, was the car attacked by aliens? Panicked, I ran
inside and called my boyfriend, who calmly explained that the cold probably
made the soda cans explode.  Of course, he was right.  By the time I got to
work it was all melted, and I was feeling pretty silly.

On another occasion I was driving in heavy traffic and heard a "pop, pop"
kind of sound right around the front seat, very close to my body.  I
thought, my God, I've been shot, and waited for the pain to come.  Nothing.
Strange, I thought. Mustering all my courage, I simply kept driving and
held tightly to the wheel.  A few minutes later I heard the pop, pop
again...with a crinkling sound this time.   I eventually realized it was
soda cans popping from the heat.

The juice boxes never exploded, but they did puff up and stink like h**l
after a while.

I'm sure glad I've graduated to glucose tablets in the car; they're much
less invasive. :< ))

Just had to share that.

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