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Re: [IP] Re: Driving and Diabetes

I moved to NC from FL  about a year or so ago, and when I went to get my 
license they asked if I had any health conditions, and "unfortunately" I 
said that I had diabetes..and that  I was on the pump...and this raised a 
"red flag".

They then told me I had 30 days to have a doctor fill out this lengthy form 
about my health. I did not have a dr. in NC yet, so called my dr. in FL, but 
then the DMV told me that only a certain type of nurse (not the dr.) from 
the office in FL could sign it..made NO sense at all...so I had to quickly 
find a dr. in NC, then he just filled it out w/ no real idea about my 

He then told me that he couldn't believe that I told them I actually HAD 
diabetes...should have just lied. It was very frustrating...and totally a 
waste of time...to me it wasn't about my health...


For years I never mentioned my diabetes to the license place in Ohio -- even
when they specifically asked if I had diabetes.  I was in the hospital of
one of few non-diabetic related conditions.  And yet, the CDE was sicked on
me  and she advised me to fess up about my diabetes.

I was told that I had to get a doctor's statement that said I well
controlled enough that I wouldn't pass out or anything nasty like that.  My
BGs were normally high, but not high enough to go into keto while I was

Well, every year for three years I needed a doctor's statement.  At the end
of three years I was given a piece of paper that said that I no longer
needed a doctor's statement and was told to hang onto that for three years.

I found it all to be a pointless waste of time.

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