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[IP] Introduction to Insulin Pumpers

I know that many of you probably deleted the original Intro letter that was
sent to you when you first joined, so I've copied part of it to remind some
of you what it contained.  If you are interested in getting a copy of the
entire Intro, then send a letter to  email @ redacted  and in
the letter just say

Intro insulin-pumpers

The letter will be sent to you which will include this:

       1. What is this mailing list?
           + The mailing list is a system that has been set up to
             allow you to exchange emails with other people who,
             like you, have an interest in diabetes and insulin
       2. How do I use the mailing list?
           + You send your email to your specific list
             email @ redacted
    or   email @ redacted
    or   email @ redacted
    or   email @ redacted
       3. Who will receive my email?
           + Everybody else who is a member of the Insulin Pumpers
             mailing list.
           + It is a closed mailing list, which means that people
             who are not members cannot read the email you post to
             the list.
       4. How can I find out who else is on the list?
           + By visiting the Members Only area at
             http://www.insulin-pumpers.org/ and viewing the
             member profiles. This also includes profiles for
             members of the other lists run by the Insulin Pumpers
             site. It will show you the paragraph of text each
             member submitted on joining.
       5. How do I leave the mailing list?
           + You write to help@insulin-pumpers.org asking to
           + Please note this is not the same address to which you
             send normal posts.
           + Also write to this address if you are going away on
             vacation and so wish to temporarily suspend your
             membership, or if you wish to change your email
             address, or add other email addresses (for example,
             your work email address).
       6. I find I'm getting too much mail. What can I do?
           + You can get emails from this list in 3 different
             ways. Write to help@insulin-pumpers.org
             if you would like to switch from one version to
             Available versions include the following:
               i. Normal version: All email is sent to you
                  immediately. If you subscribe to this version,
                  be prepared to receive more than 100 email
                  messages from the list some days.
              ii. Digest version: You will receive just a few
                  large email messages each day, containing all
                  the emails sent to the list that day.
                  This option helps people cut down on the volume
                  of email they receive.
             iii. Browser version: You have full list membership,
                  and can send emails to the list, but you will
                  receive no email. You can read what others have
                  written by visiting the Members Only area at
       7. Can I access old emails?
           + Yes. All emails are archived in the Members Only area
             at http://www.insulin-pumpers.org/
             Follow the onscreen instructions to gain access to
             this restricted area. This is the same area you have
             access to if you subscribe to the Browser version
             described above. Old issues of the digest are also
             available here.
       8. Will I receive spam?
           + Only members of the mail list may post to the list.
             If a member posts spam to the list in violation of
             the list guidelines, his or her list membership will
             be revoked.
for HELP or to subscribe/unsubscribe, contact: HELP@insulin-pumpers.org
send a DONATION http://www.Insulin-Pumpers.org/donate.shtml