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[IP] cannot use insulin analogs; suggestions

Jim H:  I should have been more specific about the reaction I have to Novolog:  the one inch red swelling occurs over the area where the cannula is deepest in my hide using a Sil, or all round the quickset cannula.  It looks for all
the world like a boil, which scared me rather badly the first time it happened.  When they did not get warm or sore, but instead faded in a day or so, my doc and I decided it was an allergic reaction.

And Michael, I have considered trying a Humalog/V mixture when I get brave one of these days...but I have an A1c under 6 and I really feel like a contented lilt puppy about that!  After 40 years of dealing with this blasted disease
without much success, I have trouble finding motivation to change such a good thing as these last two years on the pump!

Diana Clayton
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