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[IP] Re: Driving

I wanted to comment about driving.  It has become a common 
misconception that driving is a RIGHT, not a priviledge (at least, in 
the US).  Nowhere are we guaranteed the right to drive for any reason 
(aside from, perhaps, local or state laws).  Driving is a priviledge 
granted to people based on certain criteria (health, past driving 
record, etc.).  

Diabetes CAN be used as a reason to NOT grant a license, particularly 
if there is prior reason.  In Michigan, a law was passed recently.  If 
a person is pulled over, and they find that you are diabetic 
experiencing low blood sugar, they can revoke your license on the spot, 
and you have to go 6 months without experiencing any low blood sugar 
before you can get back your license.  (This was pointed out to us in a 
my pre-pump class by the nurse, and she asked, rhetorically, "How many 
of you can go 6 months without a low?  How many of you can go 6 DAYS 
without a low?")

This was a reminder at just how important we need to be when it comes 
to driving.  ALWAYS have glucose tabs or some other carb available in 
the car.  ALWAYS.  Get in the habit of testing your blood sugar BEFORE 
driving.  Just because it has never been a problem, doesn't mean it 
won't be.  Not only is your life and the lives of those who share the 
road around you a concern...but you might find that your right to drive 
could also be in jeopordy.  

After hearing this, I became much consciencious.  About a year ago, 
while I was driving my family to get lunch, we were hit by a truck.  
During the time that it took for the police officer to get there, my 
blood sugar started to go low (because I was missing lunch...this was 
pre-pump, mind you).  My wife walked over to a gas station to get 
food...but now I imagine how horrible it would have been if the police 
officer had arrived, and I was having an obvious low, which could have 
led him to decide that my low blood sugar was the reason for the 
accident, and then revoke my license indefinitely.  Given that I work 
35 minutes from my home...being without  car is just not possible.  My 
wife would have to make this trip with 3 kids twice a day.

So, now I am far more careful.  I hope everyone else takes it as 
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