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[IP] re: Truckinwife's dh with DM?

Arianna wrote, in part:
>>> i tried to tell the DR you have to say it straight and not just give him
meds he says i cannot talk to you about him i was so mad i am not asking you
to talk to me i was asking him to talk to him in a more this is what is
going on .................. way Arianna >>>


So sorry we have to meet over a chronic disease, but welcome and ask what
you need to. One of the first things you'll learn is that *you* (your dh)
are the captain of your healthcare team and any of them can always be fired
and/or replaced. They work for the patient, not vice versa. If you are
dissatisfied, seek out someone who will treat with care and expertise. No
doctor rules the universe. (~_^)

For more info about the basics of DM, go to:

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