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Re: [IP] Virus in email

I set up this email address just last week to handle my IP mail. The only
other group/person I gave it to was FreeStyle CoPilot Web-Based Data
Management System.

Unfortunately I totally deleted it before I got your message. I will in the
future forward it.
Thanks, Sue

>Sue <email @ redacted> wrote:
Just got an email from "cuthbertky"  subject: OUR DEALERS OR SUPPLIERS....."
McAfee immediately notified it contained the W32/email @ redacted virus. Beware

>Sam  <email @ redacted> wrote:
Just as a follow-up. You'll never get a virus directly from list mail. All
attachments, etc. are stripped out before they are sent out to our members.
However, you can get viruses in private mail that comes from our members.
The Klez virus is notorious for faking the return email address in the
messages, however. So, the real source of the virus may actually be from
somebody else.
> Please send a copy of the message with all headers expanded to
HELP@insulin-pumpers.org and we will try to track down the real source of
the mail. In the meantime, please have Anti-Virus software running on your
system and have it update the virus definitions no less than weekly.
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