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Please help, I need some input on my decision on what to do.  I have been 
pumping for 19 years, have had minimed pumps since the beginning. My 
insurance finally gave in for a new one, I was still wearing the 506 and went 
to the new paradium, I don't like it, am thinking of going to the 508 which 
minimed will exchange for me. Am I making a mistake?? I don't like that it 
holds such little insulin, I feel like I am always changing sites before I 
need too. And I've had 3 no delivery alarms for no reason that I could find. 
So I don't feel like I can trust the paradium when per say I am gone away 
from home, what happens then?? their responce to that ? was you should always 
carrry supplies with you, OK I undstand that if you are going overnight or 
something, but just a day out, that is one of the wonderful things about 
pumping, is that you can go and not have to make sure you have all the backup 
up that you may need.  Back to my first ?? all you out there that have worn 
the 508 and have changed to the paraidum which one do you like best? Please 
email me email @ redacted I would appreciate your imput as Minimed wants to 
know what I want to do, they have been very patient with me in this decision
Thanks Jan
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