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[IP] help i am new and dont know what to do

OK i will give it to you from the top
for about 2 days my husband was urinating  a lot and that is not like him so
since we have the bg tester in the house (I like to check mine a few times a
month since it runs in my family) he tested and was in the 300 and 400 so he
kept and eye on it and went to the dr.
  He went and the DR put him on Metformin hcl 500x2 and Glucotrol xl 5mg once
a day at night. the DR left him on this dose for 1 week he went back the DR
put he up to Metformin 1000 x2 and kept the Glucotrolxl as is. he also sent
him for an abdominal ultrasound which found fatty infiltration's on the
pancreas. so we went to a specialist who sent him for a cat scan of the
  In order to do the cat scan with contrast he had to stop all meds the night
before the test and stay off them for another 48 hours.
      The DR never said to him YOU HAVE type 2 diabetes so he is taking it
like it is nothing he has changed how he eats but I don't feel he fully
understands since he feels that DR's words are gold and the DR never said
right out you have this.
      My question is why would it stay normal without the meds he is still
off the meds now for 8 days and things have been OK it get high 173,154 but
comes down within an hour the high numbers are usual after a meal.
     What do you all think I need help I want to change DR i am sure he needs
meds but this DR does not know how to talk to people and will not talk to me?
     I feel like I am up agents a wall when are you to test the bg levels
  What are the good books to read? Should I demand that he see a dietitian?
I am just at a loss of what to do. He is a local truck driver and their is
not much to eat out their so I have started packing him breakfast and lunch
since he works from 4am to 5pm.
Another big question what is the best thing to drink he will not drink diet
soda and we were big soda drinkers so now he is up set and cannot find
something to drink that he likes please give me suggestions any and all
advice is appreciated.
    Sorry this is so long but their is no one better to ask for help than the
pro's since a lot of DR's don't know much or at least don't know how to pass
the information on.
  Thank you so much
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