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[IP] Diabetes and Driving

I have diabetes and I drive, I suppose it is my choice to do or not to do so.  My mom is supportive of me.  I know doctors are required to report to the DMV if you cannot due to illness etc.  But unless you have uncontrolled D and show signs of not caring to control it or have side effects of D there is no reason for the Doctor to stop you from driving JUST because you have diabetes.  I have only been driving for about 10 months I waited almost an extra 4 years to get my lisence partly because my D but also cause I didn't trust myself to drive.  I always test first and I always have a juicebox on the seat beside me ( don't know why just makes me feel comfortable to know sugar is there at first sign of a low)  When I'm not Babysitting I help out at my aunts flower shop and do deliveries.  I have on occasion told them when I arrive that my sugars have been out of whack and that I can't do deliveries that day, they have no problem with that.

People with D can drive just like any others as long as they take the extra step to protect themselves and everyone else both in and out of the car.

Ps.  I took Young Drivers of Canada and they confronted every fear I had about driving inculding making me spin the car on ice and doing stimulated crash avoidances and tire blow outs etc.  That program is the whole reason I drive.  I highly recommend it to all your children both with diabetes and not :-)

Summer ( dx'd 1986 at age 4)
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