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Re: [IP] Strep Throat.....Ugggghhhh!!! 2nd POSTING

In a message dated 10/23/02 1:33:44 AM !!!First Boot!!!, 
email @ redacted writes:

> This is the 2nd time to post this because I got NO response from the first
> one.. and I know several of you on the list have had your child go through
> surgery recently dont remember who but I remember reading about it. Please 
> let
> me know what the normal procedure is for the pump during surgery. 

My teenage son went through 2 surgeries last year.   Our endo said to make 
sure his blood sugar was 150 before surgery, keep basals the same.  It worked 
for the first surgery.  However, the second surgery didn't work out that way. 
 He woke up the morning of the surgery in the 60s so he had some juice.  An 
hour later he was still low, had some glucose tabs.  I think he was in the 
80s for the mid-morning surgery and that was with him cutting the basal rate 
that morning because of the low and didn't want to chance another low!  So we 
cut his basal rate even more (can't remember by how much) and they wound up 
giving him IV glucose right before to bring his sugar to around 160.The 
second surgery was using a general anesthestic.  He was fine afterwards.  
They monitored his sugars during surgery which only took 1/2 hour and they 
monitored it in the recovery room.  When I went in to see him, he was awake 
and we put the basal back to its usual rate and he corrected his sugar which 
was around 200.  I hope this helps.
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