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[IP] allergy to tape after 1 1/2 years of pumping??

I, too have started experiencing problems with the skin in the area of the 
infusion set. I end up with red welts and horrible itching. The redness ends 
up in almost the exact same pattern as the tape itself. I have always used 
three or four pieces of tape to keep it secure, but never had a problem with 
the itchiness and redness. I thought at first I had developed a problem with 
the Mastisol even though I have been using it for six months. I have also 
noticed that the tape is not staying on as well, even with the Mastisol. I 
have had to keep adding more tape or more Mastisol. I have had to change the 
sites ahead of schedule because the itchiness and irritation is more than I 
can stand. Maybe it is a change in what is being used on the tape?

M. Hughes
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