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[IP] Strep Throat.....Ugggghhhh!!! 2nd POSTING

This is the 2nd time to post this because I got NO response from the first
one.. and I know several of you on the list have had your child go through
surgery recently dont remember who but I remember reading about it. Please let
me know what the normal procedure is for the pump during surgery. She went to
the ENT and there is two options for Heather one is a big dose of
penicillian.. but since Heather is allergic to that we can't do that one and
the Second one is removing the tonsils. Since Heather is 13 yrs old .. closer
to 14 this will be a tough surgery for her. The Dr told her to expect lots of
pain afterwards and she'll probably have to miss 5 days possibly more. We are
looking to schedule it around spring break time that way she wont miss out as
much on classwork. Please I dont mean to sound like a witch but will someone
please reply to me. I sent this email to both the CWD list and the IP list..
No one responded.. Heck I dont know maybe no one saw the first one.. I got my
copy of it though so I dont know.. Anyway i'll shut up now lol..
  This was the original email to remind you . Thanks Rochelle

  Heather started complaining of sore throat yesterday and so this morning I
made an appointment for her to be checked to make sure it wasnt strep..
because I dont know why my family was so blessed lol but everytime the kids
get a sore throat its always strep. Anyway My boys in the past year have had
their tonsils removed because of persistent strep throats. Well today was #3
for Heather this year so they set us up for a referral to an ENT to discuss
having her tonsils removed. I know what the procedure is .. but i'd like some
hints or suggestions on how we face surgery with Heather being on the pump. I
know when she had tubes put back in her ears in May she got so sick from the
anesthetic that we had to spend a night in the hospital which wasnt fun at
all. Anyone else's kids been through this? Thanks for the replies in advance.
  Rochelle mom to Heather 13, dxd 11/2/01 pumping Animas 8/1/02, Brian 7,
Matthew 4 and wife to Bill in MO
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