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Re: [IP] Re: The Look

Moira - WOW - you could have sat around for a year and thought up great 
things to say to a person that would say something like this person said to 
you and still not have come up with as great a comeback as you did on the 
spur of the moment!  (Took me a while to say that - but you get my drift).  
That was great!   Not only should that women have shut up then and there - 
but she'd be well advised never to speak again if that's the kind of stuff 
she's spouting!   Good for you!  Tammy

n a message dated 10/22/02 8:58:24 AM Pacific Daylight Time, 
email @ redacted writes:

> "Oh, what a shame,
> that lovely dress and that pump has to show." I replied, "I think it's
> beautiful. It's keeping her alive; it's allowing her to dance around and 
> not
> worry about eating, and the fact that she, a teenage girl, is FINE with 
> that
> is beautiful to me. "that shut the mom up!
> Regards,
> Moira
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