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[IP] Pumps, Insulin amounts and sites

I'm still detached from my MM 508 pump - entering month 2 with a new 
endo appointment scheduled for mid-November ( and yes, I am trying to 
advance that date).

-Does the amount of insulin (or insulin mixed with water) contribute to 
the development of scar tissue at infusion sets?
- If yes, does this mean that more insulin is needed when an infusion 
set is inserted in scar tissue?

The short background for these questions is:
-I have discovered that I need less  than .1 units of humalog between 8 
pm and 2:30 am.   The minimum amount my MM508 dispenses is .1.
-Jan suggested that I might have some site issues (because my insulin 
needs dropped by 66% after I disconnected).  My brother agreed when he 
saw the scar tissue on my abdomen while I was in hospital.  I think Jan 
also pondered if I was bolusing large amounts of insulin.  (Response - 
yes, sometimes -)

Thank you for your help,
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