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[IP] A1C's

<<1) When do you have your A1C done in relation to your regular
appointments with your doc?>>

Our endo has a very large office/building with several endo's (DGD Clinic) and a research facility so they also have their own on site lab.  So, anyways, we are told to arrive 30 minutes early if we will have any lab work done, including A1C's.  So, our process is check in, nurse calls us to go back for lab work, then go to another area for vitals, then to the doc or back to the waiting room.  Eight years ago when we started all of this, the endo would have us go to an independent lab after the dr visit because they didn't have a lab on premise.  But I really do like doing it this way better, you can discuss treatments or changes to insulin/carbs when you have the information in hand.

Mom to Michelle 12, dx'd 8/94 and soon to be pumping! Wesley 16, Jennifer 8, and Hailey 3 (my little hero)

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