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Re: [IP] the look

In a message dated 10/22/02 10:43:24 AM Eastern Daylight Time, 
email @ redacted writes:

> see "that thing" attached to her daughter!!!.....when I subsequently spoke 
> to 
> the daughter, I wasn't too shocked to hear her say she doesn't drive 
> because 
> "after all no diabetics should be behind the wheel of a car". What a sad sa
> d 
> commentary on how the mother's views of her daughter's condition had 
> handicapped them both. Sigh....
> Regards
> Renee (pump mom/advocate to Melissa)
       I would not want to sound to be bragging but could help some poor soul
       with diabetes, I have had diabetes insulin dependent, 53 yrs, I am now
       73 yrs still no complications, just received a pump 10/26/02 due to 
       loss of the ability to detect a low.
       1. I enjoyed camping when a young boy, still camp will go by myself
       for up to 3 weeks.
       2. Rode a motorcycle for over 40 years & camped several times a year
       riding the Blue Ridge Pky & into Canada.
       3. Have a Commercial License to fly lighter tan air (Hot Air Balloon) 
       an advertising Balloon over 10 yrs.
       4. A friend of mine & I flew a Piper Club to Anchorage, AL gone 2 
       5. I live on a Lake Fish & Boat frequently & did so before moving 
       6. I have ridden a bicycle most all of my life, still ride over 2500 
       per year, have ridden from Atlanta, GA to New Orleans, LA & to Daytona
       Beach, FL 2 times rode many century's.
       7. I drive my pickup average over 25,000 never had an accident.
       8. I worked as an Insurance agent for 39 yrs no problems due to 
       9. I was a bricklayer for 12 years before going into the agency 
business I
       owned my own agency.
       10. I could add much more but no need to be too long, I only want to
       show by my own experience as to what can be enjoyed even with
       diabetes, I go to church every Sunday and in 48 yrs have only missed
       3 Sundays. Never missed time from work. One thing many resent is
       I have tried to live by the rules, My wife even tries to get me to eat 
       one should not such as pies, cakes & cookies she makes.
       Elzie Speir
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