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[IP] Re: The Look

Some quick comments on the look of the tubing, a sort of "out of the mouths
of babes" kind of thing:

Last June at Lauren's dance recital, I noticed her site was in her right arm
and her pump was attached to the upper strap of the front of her costume (if
you follow that -- it was basically smack in the middle of the front of her,
tubing dangling and all). I pulled her aside and said quietly, "Honey, maybe
we should change your site to where you cannot see it for the recital," and
my 10-year-old huffed a bit and said, "Mom, this pump is part of who I am.
Anyone who doesn't want to see it can just not see me at all!" I thought
that was great. I'm pretty sure that feeling came from a bat mizvah (sp?) we
attended weeks before. The girl is a couple of years older than Lauren, and
Lauren quite admired her. Well, the girl was in this amazing gown with her
pump strapped right to the waistband, showing right out there. The girl told
Lauren the same thing. I was at a table and a mom said, "Oh, what a shame,
that lovely dress and that pump has to show." I replied, "I think it's
beautiful. It's keeping her alive; it's allowing her to dance around and not
worry about eating, and the fact that she, a teenage girl, is FINE with that
is beautiful to me. "that shut the mom up!


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