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[IP] A1C's

Hi Karen!  Good to see your name on the list today!  Amelia's A1C is done
during her doctor's appt.  Blood is drawn by a simple finger poke, with
her lancet device. by his nurse.  His A1C machine is quick and requires a
small amount of blood.  When he comes in to visit with us and go over
records, ect. he has the A1C results!

After a very sleepless week, we have finally conquered night time highs! 
Yeah!  Amelia has been running between 95 and 160 at night for 4 nights! 
We have battled to get her A1C down as she is growing so much and
beginning to develop!  I hope hers is down this time.  I slept for 7
hours straight last night and do I feel great today!

We had to have blood drawn for a hospital A1C once during her doctor's
absence.  It is a children's hospital and they were more than willing to
take blood with a finger poke.  They heated her hand with a hot pack and
once again used her poker.  Much less traumatic than a "draw" and Amelia
would rather do several finger pokes than one of those draws!

Hope this helps!

Cheri McCurdy

Date: Mon, 21 Oct 2002 16:25:44 -0400
From: email @ redacted
Subject: [IP] A1C's

Lauren goes to her endo next week.  I always thought that taking blood
for an A1C after the appointment was backwards.  First of all, for
Lauren, the appointment is stressful anyway and then it's worse for her
knowing that at the end of it, she has to have blood drawn.  More
importantly, wouldn't it be better to have the A1C results before the
exam so we know prior to the appointment how her control has been?  I
called the office today, and they are willing to have her A1C done
tomorrow so we will have the results before her appointment, but th! is
obviously is not the way it's usually done there.

I have two questions:
1) When do you have your A1C done in relation to your regular
appointments with your doc?
2) Does anyone have opinions about the A1C now tests (accuracy, insurance
covering them, etc)?




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