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Re: [IP] the look

No Kidding!  So what if your tubing's showing? When I have my granddaughter her tubing shows and I WANT people to ask me about it because it gives me the opportunity to "educate" them.  My granddaughter is "special" because of her "tubing".  She and all our kids or adults with diabetes are special and what makes them special is the fact that they can and do accept and handle their diabetes without a blink of the eye.  Not every kid would accept their diabetes the way Emma has.  She's a very tiny little girl with the longest most beautiful honey blonde hair that's never been cut, angelic face, long beautiful arms and legs who has the burden of D and a mild form of CP that affects her walking and balance, running and climbing, who handles these burdens like an "old soul" which I think she is.  God bless all our children!  

Tammy, mom to Joely, dx'd 1970; g-ma to Emma, dx'd 2001; both pumping 7-18-02

In a message dated 10/22/2002 12:43:49 AM Eastern Standard Time, URTAsef writes:

> Maureen wrote:
> >"Maureen" (said in the tone that only my mother has,like she is 
> > slightly exasperated by me and knows it ishopeless).  She has since 
> > given up commenting, and Ijust get "the look" now.  I might be 24, but 
> > I think Iwill always get "the look" from her at times.
> wow i am sufficiently past 24 to be almost qualified as an adult....hell my 
> mother had 3 kids and one driving when she was my age....and I STILL GET THAT 
> LOOK!!!!  What is so WRONG with a little tubing showing???  i mean, if 
> Madonna can wear her BRA on stage, and Brittni Spears can wear some barbie 
> clothes she found in the garbage can, then why can't my damn tubing hang out? 
> and that is what it is, TUBING..SAY IT!! TUBING!!!...it is 
> not...my...my....string....It isn't like it is a TAMPON 
> string hanging 
> down!!!!
> sigh...I hear ya "maureen"
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