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[IP] One Touch vx Freestyle

Barbara, Mum of Claire 8 email @ redacted  Wrote: You know, the HA1c test
requires less blood than the One Touch meter!!

Mark Burchfield <email @ redacted> wrote: I also love my Freestyle

I have just recently changed from the One Touch to the Freestyle. I can't
believe the difference. The lancet device for the Freestyle (I use fingers
only but it comes with an attachment to do arms etc.) is fantastic. Does not
hurt but draws more than sufficient amount of blood. The meter very
patiently waits for the correct amount to be sucked up and then beeps.
According to their documentation and what I have found it requires less
blood than the One Touch. The One Touch may require less blood than some
others but you better drip it in fast or you will get an error message.I was
hesitant to test my non-diabetic, college age children with the old finger
sticker but can't wait for them to visit to try the new one.
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