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[IP] Re: A1Cs

In a message dated 10/21/2002 7:01:41 PM Pacific Daylight Time, 
email @ redacted writes:

> have two questions:
> 1) When do you have your A1C done in relation to your regular
> appointments with your doc?
Hi Karen,
       We have moved around since Claire was dx'ed and I have dealt with 
diabetes teams in 6 different places.  Of course everywhere things are done a 
bit differently.  In one place Claire went for the blood work about 2 weeks 
before her doctor appointment, so as to have the results.  In Northern 
Ireland we did a finger prick and put a few drops of blood in a vial and into 
the mail 10 days before the appointment.  In another place back in Canada we 
went to the lab before seeing the doctor and the lab would run the test quite 
quickly to have the results during your visit.  In the next place it was the 
same story, as these doctors were in a hospital with the lab in the same 
building.  In our latest home we travelled to see an Endo who had the Bayer 
DCA 2000 machine, which tests the HA1c by fingerprick and has the results 
within a few minutes.  I was told that the machine was quite accurate.  I 
have written to Bayer for more information about it, but they have not 
responded to me.  Our home town diabetes clinic (for Type 2s) also has the 
DCA 2000 machine and when Claire saw a paediatrician I told her that fact; 
she didn't know and still sent her patients to the lab for a blood draw.  For 
Claire's appointment with her, she had them bring the machine up and thus do 
the A1C on the spot.  I think these machines are becoming pretty commonplace 
in Canada.
       I understand about Lauren being upset about the blood draws.  A blood 
draw from Claire is a BIG deal and can be impossible at times.  And the lab 
techs who were so sympathetic when she was 3, are not so nice to 6 year olds. 
 The lab tech at one hospital gave up and took us right into the actual lab 
with all the stainless steel machines (she was anxious to go for her lunch).  
You know, the HA1c test requires less blood than the One Touch meter!!  The 
fellow operating the machine just put a tiny, tiny drop onto the slide and 
then into the machine.  And they wanted to take a big vial from her arm for 
this purpose.   
       Why don't you lobby your Endo to get the DCA 2000 machine?  A local 
service club provided the funds in our town for the machine.   I now am able 
to visit this diabetes clinic whenever I want and get an A1c done, for a very 
small fee ($6).  

Good luck.
Barbara, Mum of Claire 8
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