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Re: [IP] Doesn't this beat all?

>PacifiCare denied the Animas because they do not have
>a contract with Animas.  PacifiCare does not believe
>that a .05 u will make any difference in my treatment
>("you can't even see the drop forming at .05").
>(Well, gee, I can't see the estrogen in my BCPs
>either, but they work!).

Assuming you aren't able to work out getting the Animas...you can "simulate"
a .05 rate with the Paradigm, although it is more work...
essentially, for any time period that you need a basal rate set to something
like .75 u/h, etc., then just set the rate to .7 u/h for 30 minutes, and
then .8 u/h for the next thirty minutes.  (Or, you can do this an hour at a
time as well.)  This works by only giving you that extra tenth of a unit
every other time period.


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