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Re: [IP] Medicaid

>  > I was wondering if MiniMed accepted Medicaid?  I have called and
>  left a > message several times with customer sales and even a
>  manager without any > help so far.  I know that they accept
>  Medicare, but was not sure about > Medicaid.  Does anyone know for
>  sure? > 
>   >>

All the pump companies will accept Medicaid. The problems that come 
into play vary from state to state. Some state programs are well 
funded and will pay for a pump. In others, the paperwork gets 
submitted and disappears in to a black hole, EVEN WHEN THE PLAN 
supposedly pays for pumps. This is usually due to a lack of funding 
for the program. When this happens, there is nothing the pump company 
can do about it. This sort of thing makes it appear the the pumpco's 
are not accepting the insurance when in fact the insurance simply 
never comes forth with the funding. Usually the pumpco will know 
which states are flaky.

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