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[IP] Storage of pump in underwear

While I'm not between the ages of 4-7, I have been
known to store my pump in my underwear.  If I'm not
wearing a dress, it is just attached to my waistband. 
After not being able to find my spandex shorts one day
and trying the underware thing, it is actually one of
my two storage points of choice when wearing dresses
(the other is my bra in the armpit area).  I've never
had a problem with "storing" it there (as far a heat
is concerned... I once dropped it in the toliet
because I forgot about it and pulled my pants down
close enough to the toliet that it fell in for a
swim).  The post the mom wrote about telling her
daughter to not store it there made me think of my mom
(and smile).  When I have my tubing "just hanging" (as
I often do if I'm not working and just doing nothing),
I get lectures about how improper it is.  (For some
unknown reason it is an issue for both of my parents,
neither mind seeing the pump and both encourage me to
be open about diabetes, but both find the tubing
"improper"... one day Dad told me it was "snowing down
south", seeing I was wearing shorts (and obviously no
slip) I was baffled.  I asked what he meant.  I use
long tubing and some of it was looping out of the
bottom of my shorts.)  For a long time Mom told me
that it is like having a bra strap show.  My reply was
"Well, when I bother to wear bras, I don't care if the
strap shows or not either."  Of which I got a
"Maureen" (said in the tone that only my mother has,
like she is slightly exasperated by me and knows it is
hopeless).  She has since given up commenting, and I
just get "the look" now.  I might be 24, but I think I
will always get "the look" from her at times.

Maureen dx 10/24/94 pump 4/6/99  

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