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[IP] i'm back !

HI guys,


is so good to be back on the mailing list again, for some reason my isp
addy would not allow the mailings to arrive :-)

join me on msn messenger ! jens4catz>From: "Laura Underhill" >Reply-To:
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Blood Sugar Highs >Date: Mon, 21 Oct 2002 15:49:42 -0400 > >Insulin
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sound familiar!! It seems that when I have a high >blood sugar (above 200
+), then it takes about 3-4 hours to bring it >down. Then during that
time I've taken so much insulin, that it >comes down too low...soooooo
frustrating!! > >For me, it seems that it gets that high because of what
I've >eaten...such as PIZZA! > >What did you have for dinner? Once you
determine which foods cause >you to soar, you may want to set a temporary
basal rate - higher >than your normal basal rate - for a few hours after
eating. > >You are not alone!!! > >-Laura ( Diagnosed 10/91, MM 507C
3/99) > >***************************************** >I've only been on a
pump for 2 months. The past two >nights I have had sugars in the 200 &
300's. I >started around 7:00 or 8:00 each night to bring them >down but
no matter how much insulin I gave myself I >could not get them down. By
about 11:30 each night >they started to decline. My days are higher than
they >were but not like these highs in the evening. > >Last night I
changed the site, called mini med and >called the RN training me. I have
to say anytime I >have a problem mini med customer service has been
>great. I also have to say I love this Paradigm pump. > > >I am just now
starting to return to normal. How do >you even go about figuring out what
happened? I'm >sure with experience it will get easier but I'm >baffled.
I have a few thoughts. I am using the quick >set. This last time I
changed the site I did not put >tape around it. I don't know why. Just
forgot I >guess. Could that have caused it? >Is there such a thing as a
bad site? >I started an anti inflammatory almost a week ago. I >noticed
my mornings have been higher since starting >it. > >My doctor has not
called back yet to tell me what to >do. The RN mentioned maybe setting a
higher temp >basal. I faxed my numbers to him this morning. > >I also had
a pretty stressful weekend. Any thoughts >from those more experienced.
Thanks. > >Ginny >Diagnosed 2 years ago at age 49 with what looks like
>Type 1 >email @ redacted > > > >
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