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RE: [IP] PUMP!!! _it's coming!!!!!

Not sure what you're smoking, ;-) but that statement could not be farther
from the truth. As a secondary-primary (oxymoron?) caregiver to Lindsey, I
assure you that both Pat and myself feel much of the elation and anguish
this 'life-changing unit can bring".

Since Pat has been getting up and testing Lindsey, at least 2 times a night
for the last 4+ yrs, and has seen her A1c creep up from the low 7's up to
almost 8 when she got on the pump, and witnessed it drop to 6.3 in only 3
months on the pump. Yeah, we know the elation! Or when we think we have the
basals and boluses EXACTLY right and she tests and is 400 or 40. we also
know the anguish!

You don't have to have diabetes and/or a pump to feel ALL the emotions that
come with both of these. Just be close to someone that does.

Mike Swaithes
Dad to Alicia 9 & Lindsey (Z) 12, dx 5/98

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From: jhughey

*My* point is, those w/o DM can't know the elation this life-changing unit
can bring even to a 20 y/o adult.
Let us be thrilled when we have new hope. (~_^)

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