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[IP] Blood Sugar Highs

I've only been on a pump for 2 months.  The past two
nights I have had sugars in the 200 & 300's.  I
started around 7:00 or 8:00 each night to bring them
down but no matter how much insulin I gave myself I
could not get them down.  By about 11:30 each night
they started to decline.  My days are higher than they
were but not like these highs in the evening.

Last night I changed the site, called mini med and
called the RN training me.  I have to say anytime I
have a problem mini med customer service has been
great.  I also have to say I love this Paradigm pump. 

I am just now starting to return to normal.  How do
you even go about figuring out what happened?  I'm
sure with experience it will get easier but I'm
baffled.  I have a few thoughts.  I am using the quick
set.  This last time I changed the site I did not put
tape around it.  I don't know why.  Just forgot I
guess.  Could that have caused it?
Is there such a thing as a bad site?
I started an anti inflammatory almost a week ago.  I
noticed my mornings have been higher since starting

My doctor has not called back yet to tell me what to
do.  The RN mentioned maybe setting a higher temp
basal.  I faxed my numbers to him this morning.

I also had a pretty stressful weekend.  Any thoughts
from those more experienced.  Thanks.

Diagnosed 2 years ago at age 49 with what looks like
Type 1
email @ redacted

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