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Re: [IP] PUMP!!! _it's coming!!!!!

> >>> AHhhhhh its coming SOON!!  I can't beleive it!!! Can't  write any more
> fingers aren't co-operating I'm shaking I'm so excited!!!!
> Summer (dx'd 1986 at age 4)>>>
> Congratulations, Summer! Capture your present feeling and remember
> it a few years from now when it becomes *old hat*. LOL
> We had a mom on this list once who had to make her child settle down
> - due to the overexuberance of this *gift*.  *My* point is, those
> w/o DM can't know the elation this life-changing unit can bring even
> to a 20 y/o adult. Let us be thrilled when we have new hope. (~_^)
> Jan - IDDM 11/5/50 - pmpg 8/23/83

Ah... Jan my dear. Trust me. A father (or mother) of a child with 
diabetes CAN know this feeling. I recall it vividly just like it 
was yeaterday. That is why Insulin Pumpers exists. Every child, every 
person, every family that has been "introduced" to diabetes should 
have the privilege of knowing that they or their child can be almost 
"normal" again with a pump. 

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