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Re: [IP] PUMP!!! _it's coming!!!!!

>>> AHhhhhh its coming SOON!!  I can't beleive it!!! Can't  write any more
fingers aren't co-operating I'm shaking I'm so excited!!!!

Summer (dx'd 1986 at age 4)>>>

Congratulations, Summer! Capture your present feeling and remember it a few
years from now when it becomes *old hat*. LOL

We had a mom on this list once who had to make her child settle down - due
to the overexuberance of this *gift*.  *My* point is, those w/o DM can't
know the elation this life-changing unit can bring even to a 20 y/o adult.
Let us be thrilled when we have new hope. (~_^)

Jan - IDDM 11/5/50 - pmpg 8/23/83
and a PC that will probably be crashed intentionally today and reinstalled
(ewwwwww) due to a MicroSoft upgrade freeze!!!!!!!! :-((((

L8r - *maybe* much L8r
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