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[IP] Re: It's Back I think

Hi Jan and Jenny,
    Okay, this is obviously from before my time.  But could either of you 
fill me in on the details?  Can respond privately if you prefer.  Jenny 
knows, after living in Northern Ireland, I love a good story!

Barbara, Mum of Claire 8  

Wise Jenny wrote:
> >>>This is too much like old LULA's yarns about being so wealthy it hurts
> but this one goes to wall-mart and K-Mart to get candy
> Bargains. Just the similarity is soooooo spot-on, I wouldn't doubt our
> little troll is back to get our blood pumpin' again. >>>
> Jenny,
> When SSP *acknowledged* Lurline, I knew she had hit the nail on the head!! 
> I
> wonder if the same guy who kept track of Lula has a fruit in the mix? 
> Anyone
> recall how to do that Header search that was done before and the ridiculous
> posts attributed to him/her/it - our favorite *Troll*?
> There was another post I'm taking a chance on that's it's also fake.
> YMMV!!!!
> @
> \(/ Jan (63 y/o
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