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Re: [IP] Medicaid and MiniMed Supplies

Hi Chance,
I am sending you a number of the gal at Minimed who helped my son with all 
his supplies this summer.Charlotte Mate phone# 818-576-5121
We live in Colorado and have a state insurance for him but she was most 
Good luck!!!

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>Subject: [IP] Medicaid and MiniMed Supplies
>Date: Mon, 21 Oct 2002 11:43:39 -0500
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>Hi Everyone,
>I have a quick question that I hope someone will know the answer to.
>I have a patient that is on Medicaid (Illinois Department of Public Aid).  
>He has in the past had private coverage, but has lost his employment due to 
>increased medical problems and has now had to have the help of a medical 
>card to defray health costs.
>I was wondering if MiniMed accepted Medicaid?  I have called and left a 
>message several times with customer sales and even a manager without any 
>help so far.  I know that they accept Medicare, but was not sure about 
>Medicaid.  Does anyone know for sure?
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